MySQL Server Basic Commands In Daily Use On CentOS 7

MySQL Server basic commands, I’m going to show you how to create users, create databases and tables. These are the MySQL daily use commands with these commands we can manage the little tasks on the servers. you can also check a number of processes are running on the servers using the below command.   

show processlist; 

With the above command, you can check which query is taking a long time to execute.

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MySQL Server Basic Commands In Daily Use On CentOS 7:

First of all, check how many databases is present thereby command

show databases;  

Basic Commands of MySQL

Then Choose any database or you can create your database as well.

create database server;

mysql basic commands

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Now Use database by below command

use server;

mysql commands for database

Now try to create a table



cus_ftname VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,

cus_srname VARCHAR(100) NOT NULL,

PRIMARY KEY ( cus_ids )


Now the table has been created.

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You can see what’s inside the tables it will empty as we did not assign any values.

You’re done. mysql commands for database  create table

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