Nagios Service failed To Start on Redhat/Centos 7

Nagios Service failed To start, you can create Nagios service manually when not found. This happens when Nagios does not create automatically while installing on the Linux server.

This is an Open Source Monitoring tool to monitor the Application, Network Devices like a router, Switches, Firewall, and Server, etc. The free version comes with 50 plugins if you need more plugins you can buy the enterprise version of Nagios.

Nagios Service failed To Start on Redhat/Centos 7:

In this case, you will have to manually create the service if it does not exist on the server. you can also try to start it.

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Here, I was not able to start the Nagios service after installing it on Red-hat Server, So I found the way to start the Nagios service.

Nagios Service failed To

Create a Nagios Service file in the location.

nagios service failed

For resolving these issue you will have to create a service with the following file below.

And keep these settings here & save the file and run the below command.

Now try to start the service, It will get started as you can see below.

That’s it.  manually create nagios service create

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