install linux mint

How To Install Linux Mint Cinnamon On VmWare Workstation

We can install Linux mint cinnamon in VirtualBox as well as VMware workstation using the ISO file. This is based on the Debian Linux distro. How To Install Linux Mint On VMWare Workstation We need to download the Linux Mint … Read more

postman install ubuntu

How To Install Postman On Ubuntu 20.04 and Windows 10

We can install Postman using snap on the ubuntu 20.04 and download the postman for windows 10. you will have to install snap on the ubuntu machine. Let’s see, how to install and use postman. Postman supports all the platform like … Read more

install kubectl windows

How To Install MiniKube In VirtualBox On Windows 10

You can install minikube and kubectl on windows 10 machines. we need to install Virtualbox on the machine. Let’s see, how to install minikube on windows. Prerequisite: 20 GB HDD space 2 GB RAM 2 vCPU How To Install MiniKube … Read more

phpmyadmin ubuntu

Install and Secure phpMyAdmin On Ubuntu 20.04 / 19.10

We can install and secure PHPMyAdmin on ubuntu 20.04 as well as on ubuntu 18.04. we can handle the database server like MariaDB and MySQL with GUI. Let’s see, how to install and secure PHPMyAdmin on ubuntu. Install and Secure … Read more

virtualbox ubuntu install

How To Install Oracle VirtualBox On Ubuntu 20.04 /19.10

We can download and install the Oracle VirtualBox on ubuntu 20.04. you will also need to install the extension pack for VirtualBox in ubuntu. Let’s see, how to install VirtualBox 6.1 on ubuntu 20.04/18.04. Oracle VirtualBox is an open-source software where … Read more

composer ubuntu install

Install PHP Composer and Use On Ubuntu 20.04 /19.10

We can install and use PHP composer on ubuntu 20.04. you can also check the PHP composer version using the command. When you have a PHP based application and require a composer then install it using these documents. Let’s see, … Read more