How To View Wifi Security Password In Windows 7

How To View Wifi Security Password How to view Wifi known as wireless networking technology with devices based on IEEE 802.11. So, You do not need to stick any LAN Cable. When you connected to a wifi network. you can … Read more

How To Show Hidden

How To Show Hidden File Extension In Windows 7

How To Show Hidden File extension string or character attached to file which used to identify the type of file of the operating system. We can check file extension and file type on windows. If you’re a regular user on … Read more

delete virus windows 10

How to remove YEADESK malware from windows 7

How to remove Yeadesk malware, this virus exists on your system without your knowledge as you might install any software which had malware. That’s a hidden program runs in the background and even you can not even see whether it … Read more

Unassociate File Types

How To Delete Unassociated File Types in windows 7/10

How to delete Unassociated File Types in windows. Each file type has an extension to identify file type to open the file. you can set or change these file type associations with any file easily with unassoc software. You can … Read more

no sound on laptop

How To Fix Audio Issue Output Device In Windows 7

How To Fix Audio windows, If you can not find any audio device on your system that means there’s no audio driver installed in your system or something wrong there. Sometime you will face an audio issue that is not … Read more

Disable firewall cmd

How To Enable Firewall In Window Using Command Line

If you want to do this using a command line that is pretty easy and simple. you can enable or turn off the windows firewall settings using the command line as well as from the control panel. Check Out: How To … Read more

host file changes

How To Edit Hosts File For Changes In Windows 7/10

How to edit and change the hosts’ files in the Windows operating system. Suppose if you don’t have a DNS server configured and you need to get resolving between the servers, So we can make an entry in this file … Read more

Mode disable in window

Step To Disable Sleep Mode In Window Operating System

Step To Disable Sleep mode, That’s a power-saving mode of windows operating system when you do not want to get your system to log in again and again. you must be having windows 10 sleep problems. Check Out: Set Your Default … Read more