Perform Database Task Using SQLYog On Ubuntu

Perform Database Task Using SQLYog On Ubuntu

Today I’m gonna teach you, how to perform database tasks using SQLYog. We can perform database tasks using SQLYog. You can change user and create as well as a check table data and copy in SQLYog.

Create Database:


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Click on the refresh icon and see the database created.

how to check mysql version in sqlyog

You can check the user permission on the MySQL server using the below command.


how to create new connection in sqlyog

you can also check the permissions of a user on the database.

SHOW GRANTS FOR 'root'@'%';

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Alternatives commands.

USE mysql;

Now I have created a user using CREATE USER abc;

if you want to change the user password, just click on the user manager icon and select the user from drop n down.

how to download sqlyog full version

Click on Save.

Now we will give permission to the user on a particular database.

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Open it again and select the database and user.

Perform Database Task

Click on Save changes and you can perform any task here you want to change without using the command line.

If you want to see the data in a table of a particular database. So simply select the database and expand the table. Choose a particular table then click on Table Data as shown in the figure below.

If you require to change in any table data just double click on it and save.

create user in sqlyog

If you want to copy the data, right-click on the data column → copy
→ copy cell data to the clipboard. In a similar way, you can choose 
an option.

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When can also copy tables from the database to another database using it. Select a table from the source database to the target database. Click on a Copy.

create user in sqlyog

Once the tables copied, we can check inside the database.

table copy in sqlyog

You’re done sqlyog change user in create table check data copy

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