How To Release Elastic IP From Server On Amazon cloud

You can’t get the same IP back. you can unassociated or free and how to release elastic IP in AWS. 

VPC -> Elastic IP -> click on Actions

AWS will charge you $0.01/hr for this IP you reserve and don’t use. This will be a permanent stick to your server and won’t be changed when the server reboots. It won’t be chargeable when associated with running servers.

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How To Release Elastic IP From Server On Amazon cloud:

You don’t need to keep it reserve for the future you can simply create this and associate with your server. you can have as much as you want but use them with servers. This could help you and you can also select public IP when creating the server. Once created, you can’t change it.

Note: Amazon will charge this if you do not use it with the server. If  you have
associated Elastic Ip with server and want to release it.

how to release elastic

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First, you will have to disassociate the address then it will be detached from the server.

Click on Disassociate address

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free elastic ip aws


Release it and this IP won’t exist now.

YouTube Link: Release Elastic IP

You’re done. release unassociated elastic ip aws free

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