Resolve File Is Too Large For Destination File System Pen Drive

Resolve File Is Too Large For Destination 

Resolve file is too large to copy error for the destination, Many of us face this issue at the time of copying something in an external hard drive/Pen drive as of your pen drive is formatted with FAT32 systems.

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If you face this issue, you will have to use the NTFS system to format the Pen Drive. Another reason may be your drive got corrupted or damaged. Sometimes you’re unable to copy files.

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I was trying to copying Bollywood movie but I got this error.

Resolve File Is Too

If you want to make it work, You will have format your pen drive with the NTFS system then it will definitely work for you.

Go to your pen drive and right-click on it choose format.

file too large

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When you click on start it will give you a warning you have to click on OK.

 file too large to copy error

After completed the formatting, it will show you.

You’re done file too large for destination large file cannot copy unable to copy ftoo large to copy error

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