Pen drive size issue

Resolve Pen Drive Not Showing Actual Memory Size

Resolve Pen Drive Not, Sometimes when you format the Pen Drive it does not show the actual size of it.

Step 1: As you can see I have a pen drive name called Anaconda. It’s of 4 Gb but it’s showing only 6.11 MB which is not the actual size of Pen drive.

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Step 2: Right-click on Pen drive & choose the format option.

Once done, you need to choose FAT

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Step 3: One thing to notice here you have to select the NTFS file system to format the pen drive.

Step 4: Click on the format, this will show you “ Windows was unable to complete the format ”.

Resolving this issue you will have to do it from the Command Prompt,

Step 5: Open the Command Prompt and “ list disk

Step 6: Now the select disk

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Step 7: list partition

You can see there is only one partition.

Now select the partition 1 and delete it

select partition 1 & Delete partition

Step 9: Now you will have to create a partition.

After these, you will see the “ List partition ” where you can see the created partition & now again go to Step 4 and format the Pen Drive with FAT Partition.

Here you can see the actual size of Pen drive is 4 GB which was not showing earlier.

YouTube Link:  No Actual Size of Pen-drive

You’re done

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