How To Send Root Mail To Existing User On Redhat 7

If you want to know how to send root mail to an existing user, it’s pretty simple to get the mail but does not change in the production environment for security purposes. you can change root mail alias which will be sent to the user instead of root.

you need to have a user and define the user there in the file.

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How To Send Root Mail To Existing:

when you want to just for practice, you can do this but do not change it when you’re working in a Live environment. Now all the root mails will be forwarded to that user automatically. By default, you can mail at this location /var/spool/mail.

First, create a user on your server, I have created an abc user on the server to make you understand.

useradd abc

Make changes in this file /etc/aliases.

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vim /etc/aliases

go to the bottom and define the user here.

How To Send Root Mail

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Now change it.

And save the file and restart the service.


The above command will reload the file.

That’s it.  root mail alias

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