Sentrifugo 3.2 Failed To Connect Gmail Account SMTP Issue

When you’re trying to set the email settings in Sentrifugo set up with the Gmail account, you might be facing the authentication issue. we are getting phpmailer SMTP connection error issue with the Gmail account in Sentrifugo. You will see Sentrifugo 3.2 failed to make a connection using PHP SMTP Gmail.

Sentrifugo 3.2 Failed To Connect Gmail Account SMTP Issue:

sentrifugo 3.2 failed

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You can follow these Troubleshooting Steps:

Step 1: you can check the DNS connection using the below command.

dig +short

if you find the output like, it means DNS is working fine.

Step 2: Test the connectivity with the ping command.


Try to telnet to Gmail mail server with telnet 587. if you see output like connected to, it means you’re able to do that. You can also try with 465 or 25 port.

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Step 3: if you use a secure transport layer is tls, you have to use 587 port.

if you use a secure transport layer that is SSL, you have to use 465 port.

Find The Solution with Gmail account:

This is because you have to turn it “on” the secure app access in google account settings, if we don’t do that, you won’t be able to set up the mail server settings with Gmail account on Sentrifugo.

1. Open your google admin console.

2. Click on Security → Basic Settings

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3. Under less secure apps, select go to settings for less secure apps.

4. In the subwindow, you will see these options then save the settings.

phpmailer smtp issue

You will be able to make a connection with the Gmail SMTP server.

You’re done php smtp gmail connection phpmailer smtp issue error sentrifugo phpmailer 

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