Set administrator Password in Window Server 2008 r2

Set Administrator Password in Window Server 2008

Set administrator password in Windows Server 2008 r2. that’s only available for 64-bit Operating System. you can change administrator windows server 2012 password before expired otherwise it will ask you on the next login. so

We can change and reset the local windows server administrator password when expired. You will have to buy a license key to use this server. so

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First, you will have to install the Active directory in the server for managing the Users and All other objects like group policy, domain controller, Organizational unit, etc. so

Active Directory is a centralized Database System that is used to manage the Users and All other Computers along with their objects.

Change password Using Graphical Mode:

Step 1. Open the “Active Directory and user computer” then navigate to “Local User and group”. 

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active directory

Step 2. Right-click on “Administrator” then click on “proceed“.

administrator pasword

Step 3. Write the password here And click on “Okay”, you will get a window and your Password set.

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change active directory password

Change password Using Command Prompt:

1. you have to open the “Command prompt” using “windows logo key+r” it will open the run or search “cmd” then run it as “administrator”.

2. We can check all the available users using the below commands.

net user

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3. if you need to change the password of a particular user then use the below commands.

net user username *

Once you hit the “Enter”. it will ask you to enter the “new password” then “retype” the password again.

4. Exit the account then log in with your new password.

That’s it server windows server change password windows server password expired windows server 2012

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