Set Your Default Program Editor For Application In Windows

You can make or set default program application in the windows 10. You do not need any other software for this task windows has features installed by default. you just need to open the files with that software once and then you will get pop up to make it default.

Sometimes the program does not open with their default compatible application software. In that case, you have to make it default whenever you open that program should open with their software or applications only. we can set these settings either locally or with group policy in the active directory server.

Set Your Default Program Editor In Windows:

So, we will apply the policy to all the systems in the AD account and update the group policy. 

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You can perform many tasks here shown in the image and here you may directly
choose what file with open using that software only. So you would not need to open
files manually.

Set Your Default Program

Set Default programs
  1. Associate a file type or protocol with a program
  2. Change autoplay settings
  3. Set program access and computer defaults
Set any programs that would be treated as default for windows. 
I have chosen google chrome.

Click on Ok.

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open the files

You can change file type with any other extension, click on choose program I have to choose WinRAR.

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In the same way, You can set all other default options according to your needs.

That’s it.set default application windows open the files

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