Graphic Error In Ubuntu: “Could not apply the stored configuration “


Message : “Could not apply the stored configuration for monitor “

Ubuntu is an Open Source Operating System freely available. It”s based on Debian architecture. It’s also available for both 32 and 64 bits Operating Systems. The best part of Ubuntu is you do not need to install any driver like sound card, graphics, LAN etc. It will  install all the required driver by default at the time of installing an Operating Systems.

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Check Resolution

You can adjust the resolution of your screen either by Kernel or Manual setting.

From Terminal, You check the available Resolution by typing the command Xrandr

This command will display you all the resolution available here

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Now let’s resolve the issue,

For resolving this issue, You will  have to remove a file monitors.xml

Type rm –rf  ~./config/monitors.xml

After running this command system will reboot. You see there is no message about graphic monitor issue.

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YouTube Link: Solve graphic Error

You’re done


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