How To Solve Jenkins HTTP Error 404 On Redhat / CentOS

Solve Error Jenkins HTTP 404. We have already install Jenkins on RedHat. we were getting a problem with HTTP error 404 while accessing the Jenkins response request and Jenkins URL not found.

How To Solve Jenkins HTTP Error 404:

When I was trying to access Jenkins using a browser then I got this error. This happened as of Jenkins 2.121 version installed on the system and that’s required JAVA version 1.7 to work properly. Java version should match.

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Error while accessing Jenkins

Path IP:8080/jenkins

The Jenkins installation depends on java and Jenkins run as Jenkins user which will be created during the time of installation. if you want, you can run Jenkins as root.

Solve Jenkins HTTP Error

When you install Jenkins on system Kindly make sure what JAVA version you’re using otherwise you will face the same issue.

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In my case, I uninstalled the java 8 version from the server then installed the java 7 version now it was compatible with it.

You’re done. Jenkins access http error problem accessing jenkins not found error  response request   request jenkins error 404 not found

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