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Solve No WiFi Driver Adaptor Found In Ubuntu 18.04

I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 machine on the vmware workstation so i found there’s no WiFi adaptor installed by default. So i need to install it manually. So you need to solve no WiFi driver adaptor found.

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you must have git install to clone the repository on the machine. i faced this issue in Vmware workstation and i figure it our the solution to solve this issue. this will be done by installing manually.

sudo apt install git -y

Now download the WiFi repository using the below command.

sudo git clone https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new.git

WiFi driver repository,

Now checkout the extended branch

git checkout extended

Go to the folder then run the below commands.

sudo make install

sudo modprobe -r rti8192de

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Here you have to run this command again

sudo modprobe rti8192de

If above solution does not work for you, follow the 

Method 2 :

Re-commanded method as of you will get kernel update in the future.

git clone -b extended --single-branch https://github.com/lwfinger/rtlwifi_new.git

sudo dkms add rtlwifi_new

sudo dkms install rtlwifi-new/0.6

Now reboot your machine and WiFi will be there.

You’re done


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