Solve No WiFi Driver Adaptor Found In Ubuntu 18.04

I recently installed Ubuntu 18.04 machine on the VMware workstation so I found there’s no WiFi adaptor installed by default. So I need to install it manually. So you need to solve no WiFi driver adaptor found. When you face the ubuntu wifi driver issue is not working or detected.

Sometimes, you will face no wifi driver issue in ubuntu. In that case, you can install the wifi driver or download it from the official website based on your ubuntu system.

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A wireless adaptor is connected to the computer. It may not have been recognized as a network device by the computer. So we can check it using the below commands.

sudo lshw -C network 

We can also check the PCI(internal) wireless adaptor using the below commands.

sudo lspci

you can also check USB wireless adaptor using the below commands.

sudo lsusb

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you must have git install to clone the repository on the machine. I faced this issue in the Vmware workstation and I figure out the solution to solve this issue. this will be done by installing manually.

Solve No WiFi Driver Adaptor Found In Ubuntu 18.04:

sudo apt install git -y

Now download the WiFi repository using the below command.

sudo git clone

solve no wifi driver

WiFi driver repository,

Now check out the extended branch.

git checkout extended

Go to the folder then run the below commands.

sudo make install
sudo modprobe -r rti8192de

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Here you have to run this command again.

sudo modprobe rti8192de

If the above solution does not work for you, follow method 2.

Method 2:

The re-commanded method as you will get kernel updates in the future. you can download it from the Github using the below commands.

git clone -b extended --single-branch
sudo dkms add rtlwifi_new
sudo dkms install rtlwifi-new/0.6

Now reboot your machine and WiFi will be available there on the ubuntu.

You’re done. ubuntu wifi driver not detected working issue

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