Step of Installation OpenSSL Certificate In CentOS 7

Step of Installation OpenSSL, If you want to secure your website with SSL, you need to install an SSL Certificate on the Apache server. We have two SSL certificate which is free to install. we can install and configure the OpenSSL certificate in Linux.

Step of Installation OpenSSL Certificate In CentOS 7:

1. OpenSSL Certificate

2. Letsencrypt

Today I will show you how to install SSL Certificate using OpenSSL, I have already installed Apache on the server.

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Apache Web Server Service Running,

configure certificate openssl

I have already configured virtual hosting on the server & it’s accessible We will create a certificate for

install openssl certificate linux

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You need to install the required packages for OpenSSL certificate are mod_ssl & OpenSSL.

After installing the packages, now we will create a private key.

Openssl genrsa -out pankaj.key 2048

install openssl

Now we will create a CSR key using the private key

Openssl req -new -key pankaj.key -out pankaj.csr

Step of Installation OpenSSL

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Now create a crt key using CSR key

Openssl x509 -req -days 365 -in pankaj.csr -signkey pankaj.key -out pankaj.crt

apache ssl configuration step by step

As you can see we have all the required certificate keys here.

apache ssl configuration step by step

Now copy the keys at the location shown in the figure.

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Now go to the SSL config file which is located at /etc/httpd/conf.d/ssl.conf & changed the certificate locations.

Restart the httpd service & Add SSL 443 port in the firewall & reload the firewall.

Now you go to the browser & check the website with

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You’re done configure certificate openssl install linux

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