Step To Configure AD Authentication With Jenkins On Linux

Step To Configure AD Authentication with Jenkins. It’s a good idea to have a user authenticate by LDAP Server. We can configure LDAP or active directory authentication with Jenkins using the plugin.

Step To Configure AD Authentication With Jenkins :

By default, It’s not installed. Once you have integrated with AD, only those users can log in to Jenkins Server. you only have to install a plugin for AD authentication with Jenkins.

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So Click on Manage Plugins

step to configure AD

Then look for Active Directory Plugin.

Click on Download now and install after restart

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Now Click on Manage Jenkins –> Configure Global Security and then check Active Directory

you need to fill your AD Server details here, I have locally installed AD Server. So I will have to make an entry in hosts file on both Jenkins and AD server.

authentication with jenkins

After these entries, now configure AD.

jenkins authentication with ad

Bind DN = any user you created in AD

Bind Password = password of user created.

You can also test connectivity between your Jenkins and AD Server by clicking on Test Domain.

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it’s time to test whether I’m able to login with the user “Pankaj” in Jenkins.

jenkins ldap authentication

See here, I’m login in with the user “Pankaj” and it’s working perfectly.

configure active directory jenkins

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You’re done. Jenkins ldap authentication active directory configure

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