Step To Create Users And Set Password In Ubuntu

Step To Create Users And Set Password In Ubuntu 

Step to create users in Ubuntu is a very famous desktop operating system when we talk about free Operating System. It has much open-source software, Applications available, and more. It’s based on Debian. you can easily set, create, and reset the user password in the ubuntu. You can also list users in ubuntu.

Once you have a username then you can reset the password using below commands.

There are two commands of adding users in Ubuntu,

1. adduser

2. useradd

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Both will do the same work for you.

Use sudo before the command if you’re not root user,

[root@example ~]# sudo useradd test

Set Password for user test,

user create in ubuntu

Verify user-added,

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ubuntu reset user password

In a similar way, add a user with another command mentioned below, this command will help you to add a password along with the user add this is the benefit of command.

It will ask you to fill all the information needed in order to add a user.

No need to add user password separately by using passwd commands.

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linux command to list all users

YouTube link: Add User In Ubuntu

You’re done ubuntu list users reset user password create set 

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