Step To Disable Sleep Mode In Window Operating System

Step To Disable Sleep mode, That’s a power-saving mode of windows operating system when you do not want to get your system to log in again and again. you must be having windows 10 sleep problems.

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Sleep mode saves only battery in your laptop. if you want, you can use hibernate to save ram and CPU processing in your machine. so it will not shut down the machine but will save your work as well. you don’t need to do anything else to save your power just make changes in power options.

We can manage these settings using group policy as well in active directory server where we will apply to all the system which are in the domain. So, it will reduce manual work and everything can handle using policy.

If you keep sleep mode Enable it can help you to save Battery life otherwise you can
disable it according to your needs.

Step To Disable Sleep Mode In Window 7:

Go to “control panel” and look for “power” option,

Step To Disable Sleep

Click on the change plan setting.

Select Never option.

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Save changes.

Disable Sleep Mode In Window 10:

we can simply change the timing in power options. Let’s see, how to turn off the sleep mode in Windows 10. you won’t see the window 10 sleep problem.

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Click on the “start” button and type “settings” then “open” it.

You have to open the “system” and Select “power & sleep“.

You can select timing when the machine should go on sleep mode. you can also check the “additional power settings” and select the time according to your requirements. The preferred planned is “balanced” but we can change it. You can also enable hibernate options in windows 10. 

YouTube Link: Power Sleep Mode

That’s it. 

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