Step To Install Centos 8 Linux Machine On Vmware Workstation

Step To Install Centos 8 Linux Machine On Vmware Workstation 

Step to install centos 8 with minimal and GUI on the Vmware workstation using the ISO image for your practice purpose. There’re few Centos 8 system requirements 2GB RAM and 1 CPU with minimum 10GB Disk space. you can also check Centos 8 kernel version from the command line after installation. 

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There're few features added in this latest version. All the application 
packages will be installed from appstream repository in the same location.

New Features added : 

  1. New Desktop environment with GUI version 3.28 and Wayland as default desktop Genome manager.

2. Iptables replaced with nftables framework as the default network packet filter.

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3. Improved security, performance, and scalability, also TCP network stack version 4.16.

4. Supports Linux containers using podman

5. LUKS2 for encrypted storage. 

step to install centos

Click on installation destination

centos install vmware

Select the Hard drive where you want to install and done.

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Click on Begin installation. so

Here you can set your root password so

After a few times, the installation it would ask you to reboot the machine.

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Select the license so

Accept and click on done.

And click on Finish Configuration. so

YouTube LinkInstallation CentOS 8

You’re done centos 8 system requirements centos 8 install gui centos 8 kernel version

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