Step To Install Docker CE (Community Edition) On CentOS 7

Step To Install Docker is a computer program that performs Operating System-level virtualization also known as Containerisation. The Community Edition of Docker is free to use in an Organisational. You can install a docker on the centos and start the container. When docker container command not found, so that means there’s no docker installed on the machine.

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Step To Install Docker CE (Community Edition):

Docker is available for Linux, windows & Mac-Os operating system platforms. so

Docker Container keeps the small size of images, standalone, executable package of software that includes needed to run the code, application, etc. This is also used for OS virtualization. so

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Installing Docker on Centos Machine so

yum install Docker -y

docker list containers

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the above command will install the docker on the centos machine without any dependencies. In Redhat, You can not install docker free version you will have to buy the license for it. so

Start & Enable the Service

docker install centos

Docker -v

docker command not found

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Docker pull images

Check Docker images 

Docker Images

That’s it. docker container command docker command not found docker start container

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