Step To Install SQLYog Using Exe File In Ubuntu 18.04

Step To Install SQLYog, This is used to manage and monitor MySQL servers graphically. You can run queries in GUI mode and also set up all the databases in one place. you can install SQLYog using wine or EXE in ubuntu.

We can use SQLYog for database connection and perform the task using GUI. you don’t need to log in to the database separately because you can make all database connections in SQLYog. 

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When you want to manage the database server with GUI mode. The best option is to use SQLYog. we can perform any task using this software.

You can also do the task like copy database, backup database, restore, create a database, assign permission on the database, and much more as you do on the server terminal.

We can easily install SQLYog in ubuntu using the command line as well as the EXE setup. Let’s see, how to install SQLYog in ubuntu. 

Download Link:

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Step To Install SQLYog Using Exe File In Ubuntu 18.04:

You need to make this package to executable with the below command.

sudo chmod +x SQLyog-13.1.5-0.x86Community.exe

Step To Install SQLYog

Now go to the location where you have downloaded and run the below command. 

wine ./SQLyog-13.1.5-0.x86Community.exe

sqlyog install in ubuntu

Click on “OK

Click on Next and Accept the License.

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After Clicking on Next, do the same thing here.

Click on Next and you’re ready to go with SQLYog

Finish and run SQLYog

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Finally, SQLYog installed and now you can manage the Database server graphically by using this tool. This is also available for windows and installation is the same.

That’s it. install sqlyog using wine

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