Step To Install Skype (Telecommunication Application) on Ubuntu

Step To Install Skype 

Step to install Skype won’t be installed in the Ubuntu machine if you need it you have to install manually either by Ubuntu software or Manually download. you can also check skype latest version installed in ubuntu.

you can install using the single command in Ubuntu and you can also download the package to get install. Skype is basically used for video callings and chat over the network using the internet. You don’t need to pay for it.  

You just need an account on Microsoft and login with the same credentials.

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So here I will show you via command line by downloading the Debian package of Skype.

I have already downloaded Skype from official site Download Skype

Step To Install Skype

With the help of dpkg -i Command

you can install any Debian based software. This works the same as the rpm command in Centos/Redhat.

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As you can see Skype installed

check skype in ubuntu

Sign in to Skype and enjoy free calling & video etc.

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YouTube Link: Install Skype

You’re done atest version ubuntu check skype in ubuntu

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