Step To Install Vmware Workstation14 Pro On Ubuntu 18.04

Step To Install VMWare is Workstation is a hosted hypervisor that runs on X64 bit Operating Systems. This is used to reduce the hardware dependencies that’s mean you can install Different flavors of the Operating System as much as you want. We can install VMware workstation 15 on the ubuntu machine.

The reason behind using this VMWare is that if you want to reduce your hardware server cost. So Vmware is a good choice but this needs a license to run the Operating System. This does not come under Open Source Software.

Benefits of Vmware

1. Reduce Cost of Hardware

2. Allows you to install Multiple Operating System virtually

3. You can install it directly on the hardware or on any operating system.

We can also use Vmware for cloud computing. Suppose we have different Operating Systems installed on Vmware and we can now create a server from Vmware ESXI but it’s licensed based.

Step To Install Vmware Workstation 14 Pro On Ubuntu 18.04:

I have downloaded VMware from official site Download

Now you will have to run these commands mentioned below,

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Follow the below steps to install Vmware In Ubuntu:

Step 1: Update the Ubuntu Machine

sudo apt-get update

After running these commands

Step 2: Install the Dependencies

sudo apt-get install gcc build-essential –y

Step 3: Give the execute permission to the packages

chmod +x VMware-Workstation-Full-14.1.3-9474260.x86_64.bundle

vmware workstation ubuntu

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Step 4: Now run the setup,

sudo ./VMware-Workstation-Full-14.1.3-9474260.x86_64.bundle

After this, it will start installing VMware on your machine,

install vmware workstation ubuntu

Now Accept the license to install it,

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vmware on ubuntu

If you want, you can change the location here.

vmware workstation 15 ubuntu

After clicking on the next, VMware has been installed.

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YouTube LinkInstall Vmware

You’re done vmware workstation 15 ubuntu

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