Step To Install Zabbix Monitoring Tool On CentOS 7

Step to install Zabbix is an Open source software monitoring tool for Networks and applications. It’s basically designed to monitor the network devices Like Server, router, switches, firewall, and other network resources. We can install Zabbix monitoring tools for monitor infrastructure in centos Linux 7. so

Step To Install Zabbix Monitoring Tool:

Zabbix uses the server-client architecture means the server will be installed on a separate machine and agent application will be installed on the client machine to monitor the devices. We can monitor thousands of devices with real-time monitoring.

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Zabbix requires Apache, MySQL, PHP installed on the server to work together with Zabbix. We’re assuming you have already installed this server on your machine. so

If not, then follow these link to install LAMP (Linux, Apache, Mysql, PHP)

Packages Required so

  1. Zabbix-server-mysql
  2. Zabbix-web-mysql
  3. Zabbix-agent
  4. Zabbix-release-3.4-2.el6.noarch

Installation Zabbix

Step 1: First we would like to install officially Zabbix repository using the below

rpm -i

Step To Install Zabbix

Now Install Zabbix agent with necessary packages. so

yum install zabbix-server-mysql zabbix-web-mysql zabbix-agent

install zabbix monitoring tool

Step 2: I faced some issues while running the above commands for Zabbix server the Problem was I needed some PHP dependencies installed on the systems.

Packages’ names are PHP-mbstring and PHP-bcmath And I installed them. Now Zabbix has been installed successfully on my machine after installing those PHP dependencies.


monitoring tools zabbix linux


zabbix install centos 7

Step 3: Zabbix Configuration file location /etc/zabbix/

monitor infrastructure using zabbix

Now you need to create a database for Zabbix

Login to your database server using mysql –u root –p

Create a database

create database zabbixbb character set utf8 collate utf8_bin;

Use database zabbixbb and Create a user

Grant Permission to user zabbiuser on database

flush privileges;

Step 4: Now export default database of Zabbix location of database  zcat /usr/share/doc/zabbix-server-mysql-3.4.9/create.sql.gz | mysql -uzabbiuser -p zabbixbb

After this command, it will ask you for user password

Step 5: Now will have to put the database related information in the file


  • DBHost =localhost
  • DBName= zabbixbb
  • DBUser = zabbiuser
  • DBPassword = passwd

Step 6: Start the service of Zabbix server and agent

systemctl start zabbix-server && systemctl start zabbix-agent

Now Change the time zone of PHP

vim /etc/httpd/conf.d/zabbix.conf

Add this php_value date.timezone Asia/Kolkata

Configure via Web GUI

http://Ipaddress/zabbix Or http://localhost/zabbix

Now follow the screenshot

Click on next

Enter your database details

Configure your Zabbix server here

Check details

Click on next

Login with default Zabbix credential username “Admin” And Password “zabbix”.

You can change settings according to your organization’s needs. We’re having default settings. You can make changes in configuration files.

You’re done monitoring tools zabbix linux zabbix install centos 7 monitor infrastructure using zabbix

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