Step To Restore Server Using Snapshot In Amazon Cloud

Step To Restore Server Using Snapshot In Amazon Cloud

We will show you a step to restore the EC2 server using the snapshot. We need to create an image from a snapshot to restore the AWS server then we will restore the server using snapshot in AWS. You must have a snapshot of running the server for testing purposes. I have already created a snapshot of an instance when I choose to create a snapshot.

Snapshots are a state of the system at a particular point in time that stores the volume on S3 storage. These EBS snapshots are incremental copies of data. when you restore the EBS snapshots, you must have an ID of snapshots and access permission to restore. we can also share these snapshots in different regions. We can restore the EC2 snapshot to the existing instance in AWS.

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Create snapshots

EC2 -> Elastic Block Storage -> Snapshots.

Note: You can create a snapshot of volume and instances.

step to restore server

Now you can’t directly restore the server using this snapshot. You will have to create an image using this.

Click on Action -> create image 

create image from snapshot

Give it a name and if you want to attach volume, you can add volumes as well. Please make sure the Virtualisation type is hardware-assisted virtualization and click on Create

restore snapshot aws server

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The image has been created using snapshot instances.

ec2 restore using snapshot

You can find these AMI in the Images section, select the image and then click on the launch AMI. sso

aws server restore

Once you click on launch then you see images in My AMI. so

You can select these images and the rest part will be the same as we create a server. so

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If you require to remove the image, you can simply come to 
AMI -> click on Action -> deregister. This will be removed from these

You’re done. create image from  aws server ec2 restore using snapshot aws server restore

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