How To Stop and Disable Automatic Updates On Windows 10

We can stop and disable automatic windows 10 updates using windows service. It’s become very frustrating while you’re working and suddenly it started updating the machine. Let’s see, how to stop and disable windows update.

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How To Stop and Disable Automatic Updates On Windows 10 

When you don’t want to update your windows machine automatically. you can disable the auto-update in windows 10. 

1. Search for “Services” in the search bar as shown in the below figure. 

windows 10 update stop

Another way to open the services, Press the “Windows + r” then type “services.msc” and click on “OK“.

stop windows 10 update cmd

2. Open the “Services” and look for “Windows update“.

how to stop windows update in progress

Currently, it’s running and click on “Stop“.

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3. Double-click on it and change Startup type “Disabled” then click on “Apply” and OK

how to stop windows update in progress

Now the auto-update is disabled.

how to disable windows 10 update permanently

Disable Automatic Windows Update:

1. We can also disable updates from windows settings. Now Search “Settings” in the search bar. 

stop windows 10 update

2. Open it and look for “Windows update settings“.

How To Stop Automatic Windows 10 Updates

Once you open it and now click on “Advanced options“.

3. Turn off all the updates as shown in the below figure.

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4. Under “Pause updates“, you can select till then you want to pause the updates. we can select the day in the drop-down. 

This will be paused until Tuesday. After that, it will again start sending you to update notification and forcefully updates the system. 

Set up a Metered Connection:

When you’re using wifi connection to update the windows 10 machine.  you have an option to set up a metered connection. This will tell windows that we have a shortage of conserved bandwidth to automatically updates the installation.

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Open the “Network & Internet” by searching in the search bar. 

Now click on “Change Connection properties ” and look for Metered connection then turn it “On“. 

Disable Windows Update Using Command Line:

We can also disable windows update using the command-line in windows. Open the “CMD” terminal with the administrator.

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Run the below command to stop the updates.

net stop wuauserv

net stop bits

net stop dosvc

If you need to reverse this process, just simply use “start” instead of “stop” in the above commands.

That’s it. stop windows update service

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