Switch Root Error %Package Doesn’t End With %End: Pane Is Dead

Switch Root Error Section %Package Doesn’t End With %End: Pane Is Dead

if you find this error while installing Centos 8 on the Vmware workstation message like “Switch root error section %package does not end with %end: pane is dead centos“. you must have centos 8 package when installing in the VMware. you might be getting this issue because you need to remove another file which I have shown below. 

switch root error

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You can press cltr+alt to test the Centos without installing it in the VMware workstation and just remove another CD/DVD as shown in below figure.

Go to the settings → Click on CD/DVD and save it.

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centos 8 error

Now shutdown this VMware and restart again. You will see the installation screen for Centos 8.

error while installing centos

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you can either disconnect or remove that iso.

Now you can install Centos 8 Linux on Vmware workstation.

You’re done. pane is dead centos centos 8 section packages file system error command to find error windows file system structure error in windows

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