Check Version

How To Check Apache Web Server Version In Linux

So there are two ways. I will show you here and along with where are the configuration files are located and logs files also. how to check the apache version using the command line and update it on centos.   Check … Read more

how to install goaccess

Monitor Real-Time Traffic of Apache Web Server Using GoAccess

Monitor Real-Time Traffic with GoAccess is an Open Source log analyzing tool for Apache/Nginx webserver to analyze the real-time traffic on the server. We can install goaccess apache monitoring tool to monitor the logs in Linux. we can monitor the … Read more

ssl certificate

Step of Installation OpenSSL Certificate In CentOS 7

Step of Installation OpenSSL, If you want to secure your website with SSL, you need to install an SSL Certificate on the Apache server. We have two SSL certificate which is free to install. we can install and configure the … Read more

Enable And Disable htaccess

How To Enable And Disable htaccess In Apache Web Server

How to enable and disable htaccess files provides a way to make configuration on a per-directory basis. you can create htaccess file when you running a website using CMS tools. All the rules and configurations will be kept in this … Read more

Apache default port

How To Change Default Listen Port of Apache On Linux

How to change default listen Port on Apache configuration file. it’s very easy to do that you can run a website on different port also rather than the default port on Centos. How To Change Default Listen Port of Apache: … Read more

Apache mod security configure

Configuration of Mod Security in Apache Web Server

Configuration of Mod Security is a module that provides the Web Application Firewall for your Apache server against the outside attack. We can install mod security and create rules in an apache server. Configuration of Mod Security in Apache Web … Read more

Apache Commands

Troubleshooting Commands For Apache Web Server

Troubleshooting Commands For Apache Web Server Troubleshooting Commands For Apache is an Open Source Web server available in today’s market. The current Apache Web Server released version is 2.44.33. This is used to host the website on servers. we can … Read more

Enable verbose logs in Apache

Enable Verbose Logs In Apache On Redhat/CentOS 7

Enable Verbose Logs In Apache, If you want to see more information about logs in Apache web server can be done by changing LogLevel. we can also change the apache log level where you can define the location of the … Read more