how to configure nfs server

How To Install NFS Server For File Sharing On Linux

NFS (Network File Sharing) allows remote hosts to share files over the network and those files are mounted locally. We can install and set up the NFS server in Linux. The NFS configuration of the server is very easy in … Read more

Install Memcached Memory Caching

How To Install Memcached Memory Caching In Linux

Install Memcached Memory Caching We will Install Memcached Memory Caching in Linux sever to improve website speed. We can install and configure apache Memcached in Linux. Memcached is a distributed memory object caching system which is used to speed up the … Read more

install docker on ubuntu

Step To Install Docker CE (Community Edition) On CentOS 7

Step To Install Docker is a computer program that performs Operating System-level virtualization also known as Containerisation. The Community Edition of Docker is free to use in an Organisational. You can install a docker on the centos and start the … Read more

tomcat application server

Deploy war Application on Tomcat Server on Redhat 7

You can deploy a tomcat war application using the shell script as well. you can also use the war file location then start the server. it will automatically be deployed. when you put the war under the webapps location then … Read more

Add epel repo in redhat 7

How To Enable EPEL Release Repository On CentOS 7

How to enable EPEL repo, If you want to add EPEL (Extra Package)Repository to your system, So just simply download the repo from the link below. we install and configure EPEL Repository in RHEL Centos 7 as well in all … Read more

Step To Install Java 8 Version Using rpm On CentOS 7

Step to install Java 8 using the rpm command in Linux. This has become the most famous programming language till now because billions of devices are running on it. you use the java when you’re running the tomcat server and … Read more