git commands

Useful Git Command For Admin and Developers On Linux

Useful Git Command For Admin and Developers On Linux We’ve shown you the useful Git command where you can commit, push, add files, and also add remote origin in Git. Once you have added the remote origin git then we … Read more

add user to GitHub repository

How To Add Member In GitHub Repository Project By Invite

Supposing, you have created a repository in the GitHub account and looking to add members in this repository. Adding team members should have an account in GitHub otherwise you can’t add them. You can either invite or add them directly … Read more

Gitlab backup path

Change Gitlab Backup Path Location In Gitlab Server

Change the Gitlab Backup Path location from default to a new destination folder. So you will have to follow these steps. Gitlab change file location with backup the command line. Check Out: Install SSL Certificate in Gitlab Change Gitlab Backup … Read more

Admin user not found in gitlab

Create Gitlab Admin User After Authentication With AD

Create a GitLab Admin User password, When you authenticate git-lab with Active Directory server. So there will not be any admin user available for git-lab. you can also change user permissions in the GitLab. Whoever will log in to your … Read more

hostname access in gitlab

How To Change Gitlab IP URL With Hostname In Linux

How To Change Gitlab IP URL, If you want to access Gitlab Server with hostname instead of IP address, So it can be done. You just need to Point the IP address to Host-name in DNS Server. You can change the … Read more

ldap with gitlab

LDAP Authentication With Gitlab Server Using Active Directory

LDAP Authentication With Gitlab Server LDAP Authentication with GitLab, When you’re worried about the security on the git-lab server. It’s a good idea to authenticate the users using the LDAP server. So, Nobody can log in to your git-lab server … Read more

Disable sign in gitlab

How To Disable Sign-in restrictions On Gitlab Server

How To Disable Sign-in option, If you want only the user should be authenticated from AD Server, You won’t find any GitLab admin area and page URL if you’ve authenticated with AD. You can use GitLab sign in the terminal. … Read more