load php module

How To Load PHP Module For Apache On CentOS 7

How To Load PHP Module On Linux We’re going to show you where to find these modules. It is required to run the PHP files on the server. How to load and install the PHP 5 module in the Apache … Read more

install php ubuntu

Install PHP 7.2 Hypertext Preprocessor on Ubuntu 17.10/18.04

Install PHP 7.2 (Hypertext Pre-Processor) on Ubuntu Install PHP 7.2 ubuntu is a server-side scripting language used in most web development and also used to serve the dynamic content. It can run scripts to connect to the MySQL database. you can … Read more

Install Missing PHP-mbstring Zabbix Monitoring On CentOS 7

Install Missing PHP-mbstring Monitoring Tool Install Missing php-mbstring Zabbix stands for a multi-byte string that is used to support ASCII strings. You can check the requirement for installing the Zabbix server on Linux from the official site. we also need … Read more

configure php

Step To Install PHP5.4 Version On Redhat / CentOS 7

Step to install PHP5.4 is a widely used scripting language for web development. This is also an open-source scripting language. you can make a website based on PHP. We can install, configure, and check the PHP 5.4 version in Linux … Read more