create password policy linux

How To Set User Password Policy On CentOS / Redhat 7

This is important to change the default password policy on the Linux system. By default, there’s no password policy applied in Linux and So you can set user and create password policy by editing in those files /etc/pam.d/system-auth and /etc/pam.d/password-auth. … Read more

check linux user

How To Check User Account Locked or Not In Linux

If you’re not aware of how to check the user account locked in Linux. So there’re many ways to find out. You can lock the user either by passwd or usermod command. we can also unlock the Linux user accounts … Read more

Error Locate Command Not Found (find files) In Linux

Sometimes you will see error locate command not found because no rpm locate package available in Linux. you can find any packages which are installed in Linux and this command shows the location of packages. When you have installed the … Read more

class name not found

Could Not Find Driver With Class Name: com.mysql.jdbc

Could Not Find Driver of MySQL connector when installing the Jira on Linux machine using the bin package. We can fix MySQL driver connector and class name not found an issue in MySQL server. So you just need to download … Read more

Install Varnish Cache

Install Varnish Cache To Speed Up Apache Performance

The varnish is a proxy and Cache or High-performance HTTP accelerator. Install Varnish Cache stores web pages in memory. So the webserver doesn’t have to create the same web page to the server again and again. Varnish Cache serves much … Read more

ssh command not found

How To Install SSHPass For login To SSH Server In Linux

How To Install SSHPass a utility for tuning server using the mode referred to “Keyboard interactive “password authentication where you can give password with a command, ssh-copy-id permission denied and sshpass command not found. you can also use ssh-copy-id without … Read more