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How To Configure Samba Server For File Sharing On CentOS 7

Samba Server is an open-source file and printer sharing services. you can configure samba server in Linux. This is a free software re-implementation of SMB networking protocols. You can share files on both Linux and windows. you can samba install … Read more

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What is Samba Server And Benefits of Using this Server

What is Samba Server a networking protocol that allows you to share files and print services between Windows and Linux machines? Samba uses port number 445 and 137-139 for TCP. We have mentioned the samba server configuration file location, port … Read more

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How To Install Samba File Sharing Server On Linux

How To Install Samba Server is a file sharing Server between Unix And Windows Operating Systems. It helps us to share files and Printer sharing between Linux and Windows Operating Systems. It talks to SMB/CIFS networking windows protocols. you can … Read more