How to Open a Firewall Port In Windows Server 2012

We can easily open a port in windows firewall server 2012/2016. Let’s see, how to open a port in windows server 2012. Why do we need this? we can’t connect to the service until the port is not opened at … Read more

Awstats open source install centos 7

Installation of Awstats For Analyzing Apache Logs On CentOS 7

Awstats is an Open Source Log file analyzer for advanced statistics. The installation of Awstats is pretty easy in Linux. This can be used for web analytics reporting tools, suitable for data from web internet like web, streaming media, etc. so It … Read more

Varnish with apache

Configure Varnish For Apache Web Server On CentOS 7

I have already installed Varnish On CentOS 7 with the Apache webserver. You can configure the Varnish cache server and varnish cache for apache. You need to do a varnish cache set file and also find the varnish configuration file. … Read more

disable host-name in apache

Disable HTTP TRACE or TRACK Request In Httpd (Apache)

Disable HTTP Trace or hide Track request method In Apache Web Server, This can be a vulnerability that allows hackers to take unauthorized access to the server. TRACE and TRACK are two HTTP methods request which is used to debug … Read more

Apache Server

How To Hide Apache Web Server Name In CentOS 7

How To Hide Apache Web Server is widely used in today’s world and security comes first. We need to hide the Apache server version and information. Sometimes, you must be thinking about how to secure Apache and Apache server status. … Read more

module mod_status Apache

Check Apache Server Status Using Mod_status In Linux

How To Check Apache Server Status Using Mod_status Apache Server Status, you can configure it, so it can be possible using a module available mod_status. It simply shows you the status of the server including load, hits, CPU usage, etc. … Read more

how to install goaccess

Monitor Real-Time Traffic of Apache Web Server Using GoAccess

Monitor Real-Time Traffic with GoAccess is an Open Source log analyzing tool for Apache/Nginx webserver to analyze the real-time traffic on the server. We can install goaccess apache monitoring tool to monitor the logs in Linux. we can monitor the … Read more

change computer name

How To Change Computer Name in Window Server 2008 r2

How to change Computer in Windows which used as the hostname of a server. We can change the full computer name or hostname in the windows server. We can change the computer name in the windows server as well as Windows … Read more