Make Google chrome Default

Make Google Chrome Default Browser In Window 8/10

Make Google Chrome Default windows is a Fast & Secure web browser developed by Google in Sept 2008. It is now available for Windows (.exe file), Linux, and mobile android devices. We can set google chrome browser as default in … Read more

How To View Wifi Security Password In Windows 7

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Mode disable in window

Step To Disable Sleep Mode In Window Operating System

Step To Disable Sleep mode, That’s a power-saving mode of windows operating system when you do not want to get your system to log in again and again. you must be having windows 10 sleep problems. Check Out: Set Your Default … Read more

block application in windows

How To Block Users To Install The Applications In Windows

How to block users, Allowing them to install the application can be risky in a co-operate environment we do this for the purpose of security. you can prevent or disable users to install from downloading and installing the software in … Read more

program not responding

Windows Explorer Is not responding Stuck in windows

At first, you might be seen that Windows Explorer is not responding on your computer systems such as programs not responding or Program has stopped working message could be many and now try to troubleshoot. Internet Explorer not opening and … Read more