Take a Snapshot of Running Server On Amazon Cloud

Take a Snapshot of Running Server On Amazon Cloud

If you want to do perform some tasks on the running server, So it’s better you have a snapshot of the running server before it. you can restore ec2 snapshot in AWS.

This is pretty easy to take a snapshot of the AWS server instance. Snapshot takes the backup of the server you can either include the volume with it. Volume just takes the snapshot of your data.

If something goes wrong, you can restore the server using this snapshot.
I have run a webserver and will take a snapshot. 

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EC2 -> Elastic Block storage –> snapshots
Click on create a snapshot

take a snapshot of

Copy the instance id from instances.

snapshot aws ec2

Select the resource type -> instance and instance ID

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aws restore snapshot

Click on Create snapshot

restore snapshot aws ec2

Snapshot is ready and now you can perform your task on the running 

snapshot aws

Suppose something goes wrong, now I need to restore the server using these 

The apache server was running on this server as shown in the below figure.

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aws snapshot vs backup

Now terminate the instance.

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Click on yes terminate

Restore EC2 from Elastic block store

EC2 -> Elastic block store -> snapshots -> actions -> create image

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Fill the details

Click on create

You can see the images under images -> AMI

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Now simply launch the server using this AMI and check everything will be the same as before. When you will launch the server using this AMI.

Instance created

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Now access the server and see apache should be there.

You’re done aws restore snapshot ec2

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