Take Screenshot With Different Ways In Windows 10

Take Screenshot With Different Ways In Windows 10

We can take a screenshot in windows using the print screen button on windows. We also have a snipping tool to take a screenshot in windows with the help of we can capture the screen on Windows 10 PC or Computer. Let’s see, how to take a screenshot in windows.

If you’re wondering how to take screenshots in windows machine. I will show you here different ways of taking the screenshots.

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Method 1: you can use the “PrtScr” or “PrtScr+fn” depends on your keyboard. Press it then paste it on any word document like Wordpad etc. you can also paste it on the paint. it will take the screenshot of the whole screen.

Method 2: Now if you don’t want to capture the whole screen then you can choose the portion of the screen. you have to select or keep the mouse over that portion then press”fn+alt+PrtScr” or “alt+PrtScr” depends on your keyboard. Now paste it on the Wordpad.

screenshot on pc

Method 3: Windows 10 has its own tool to take a screenshot. The name of the tool is a snipping tool app that’s by default installed on the machine. Now we will use this tool to take the screenshot. Now search the “snipping tool” on windows 10 and select it. 

print screen

Once you have to open it then click on “New” and now you can take the portion of any screen as I have shown in the below figure.

how do you take a screen shot on the computer

Now we have to save it using “cltr+s” and you can directly press “ctrl+c” and paste it on the Wordpad.

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Method 4: We will capture the screen using “windows logo key+fn+PrtScr” or “windows logo key+ctrl+PrtScr” and it will be dimmed for a few seconds. you will see a folder that will be created under the directory “Picture” as shown in the below figure.

All the screenshot will be saved in this  "Screenshots" directory if you use the above

Take Screenshot

You’re seeing this dim light when you press it but you can change it by making changes in the below paths.

Go to Systems -> Advanced system settings -> Performance settings

You can turn off this by unticking the “Animate windows when minimizing and maximizing” Once you have unchecked it you won’t see the dim light when you press those commands.

windows screenshot

It will automatically select the custom when you unchecked it then Click on Apply and “ok“.

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Method 5: We can also use “windows logo key+shift+S” then you will see the screen like the below figure. 

snipping tool windows 10

You can now draw a shape to capture the screen.

Method 6: We can also capture the screen from the Game bar by pressing “Windows logo key+ G”  The output will look like the below figure. 

windows 10 screenshot

Now you have to click on the camera icon “take a screenshot“.

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Method 7: We can also use third-party software like LightShot and Snagit. LightShot is free to download and available for Windows and Mac machines. Snagit is available for the trial version. you will have to pay for it after the trial finished. if you want to continue with it.

That’s it.

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