Tomcat 403 Access Denied Error On Redhat/CentOS

Tomcat 403 Access Denied, Sometimes. we want to access the Tomcat server over the network with Username and Password for doing some work via GUI. find process id tomcat using ps -ef | grep tomcat and kill tomcat service in Ubuntu using pkill -9 id tomcat. you can use tomcat service Linux to start the service, if tomcat not starting Linux, check the Catalina.out log for troubleshooting.

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So it’s pretty simple you just have to define the username and password in tomcat-users.xml file on tomcat 9 server.

Tomcat 403 Access Denied Error On Redhat:

This issue will come when you will try to access the Manager GUI of tomcat 9 Server. This issue will occur when you will try to access with particular IP address like I’m doing in this post.

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I have already configured Username and Password for Web-based access Tomcat server check out here.

To resolve this issue on tomcat 9, you will have to make some changes to achieve this. 

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Go to the location mention below,


By Default Settings are here in this file,

tomcat service linux


we have to change it to comment the <value>

kill tomcat server in ubuntu

Now, shutdown and restart the server.

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Also, Kill the tomcat process by checking below command,

ps -ef | grep java
kill -9 pid

tomcat not starting linux

Now try to access Manager GUI on the browser, click on Manager App And Enter your username and password which is defined under tomcat-users.xml file.

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kill tomcat server in ubuntu

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Now Manager App is accessible,

YouTube link: Tomcat 403 Access Denied

That’s it. find process id tomcat kill tomcat server in ubuntu

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