Top 5 Command To Check Memory Usage On Linux 

There are many ways to check the memory usage on your machine. I will show you the top 5 commands to with the help of we can find the usage on the Linux machine they are very useful. you can check memory usage by user and kernel using the top command in Linux.

  1. Free – it shows the total amount of free memory and used physical and swap memory in the system.

Top 5 Command to

free –m  

command to check memory

This commands Display the amount of memory in megabytes.

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  1. vmstat – it reports virtual memory statistics about the process, paging, block I/O, system and CPU.

linux memory usage by user

3. df –h commands shows the free space in the systems

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linux kernel memory usage

  1. top –  this commands basically shows the displays the Memory and CPU usage per process It provides a dynamic real-time view of a running system.

linux top memory usage

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5. cat /proc/meminfoThis file stores statistics about memory usage on Linux based systems and almost the same as free commands and also shows you the buffer, cached and memory available.

You’re done linux kernel memory usage by user

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