How To Update Windows Driver Using These Methods

We can update windows 10/7 driver software free using the tools or manually download them. With the below tools, we can update any driver like audio, video, wifi, etc driver in windows 10/7.

We can download free driver update software for windows operating system and we can also use the below tools.

Having a problem with the windows driver? No worries, we can solve it using upgrading the drivers.

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How To Update Windows Driver Using These Methods

Method 1: We can check for any updates in the windows machine. Follow the below steps.

Type “updates” in the search bar and the output will look like

If you’re not able to find it using “updates”, you can search another string “windows update settings” click on it and check for updates.

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To install the latest updates, you will have to restart the machine.

Method 2: We will use the device manager to update the drivers. Simply right-click on the computer icon. You can also open it, go to the search and type “devicemng” This will open the same windows.

Then choose “Manage” and then “Device Manager”. We can choose any of the drivers to update.

Right-click on it and you will see the option like “update driver” after choosing these options the windows will open like this.

update bluetooth driver windows 7

You can choose any options to update the drivers.

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Method 3: you can manually download the driver and install them. You can get the exact software driver for your system with a serial number of the system.

Eg: I will try to find Lenovo system drivers. You can find drivers like this. Put the serial number or product name.

update driver windows 8

Method 4: we can use the third party tool software to update the drivers. I will suggest “TweakBit driver updater” because this tool is approved by Microsoft and Norton antivirus. There’re so many tools to update the drivers and download this tool and save the file.

update windows 10 display driver

Click on install

update sound driver windows 10

Once the installation is finished, launched this tool and it will start diagnosis.

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update driver windows 7

After diagnosis, you can see it has detected the outdated driver. So you install them.

free driver update software

You’re done

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