Upgrade VMware Workstation 14.x To VMware 15.x In Ubuntu

If you want to know how to Upgrade VMware Workstation pro in Ubuntu, This is pretty easy to install the new upgrade or update Version of Vmware workstation without removing the installed Server. 

Vmware is an open-source virtualization software available for personal and professional use. You can install it on any operating system like ubuntu, windows, etc.

Sometimes, you will get the VMware working slowly because you might have got an update for your current version. Let’s see, how to upgrade VMware and tools on Linux.

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We need to update the version and it will do it itself. It will take some time in the installation process.

During the installation process, you won’t lose your machines which you have created in the VMware.

Upgrade VMware Workstation 14.x To VMware 15.x In Ubuntu:

I have already installed Vmware 14.x version installed on the system. Now I’m going
to upgrade in Vmware Workstation 15.x version.

First of all, You need to download the Newest version of Vmware from the official site Download

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I have downloaded the Vmware 15.0.2 and made it executable by changing the permission.

chmod +x Vmware

Install The Vmware

if you’re not a root user, use sudo

sudo ./Vmware-Workstation-Full-15.0.2-10952284.x86_64

After that, it will start the installation and will ask you to accept the license.

how to install ubuntu upgrade vmware workstation

Then click on “No” And “Next“.

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It will ask you to put an HTTPS port for a secure connection, I choose the default port of https 443.

vmware upgrade ubuntu

Next, it will ask you to enter the license key if you have and Finally, it will install the Vmware after sometimes.

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vmware workstation update

VMware Installation has been successful.

workstation pro upgrade

Finally, Vmware has been upgraded to 15.x version without losing any Server installed in 14.x Version.

ubuntu upgrade vmware workstation

YouTube Link: Upgrade Vmware

You’re done workstation pro upgrade vmware update

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