User Permission Issue In Nagios Server To Access the Host

User Permission Issue In Nagios Server To Access the Host

User permission issue while seeing the hosts & services on the server, this is because the user does not have permission to see that. you can not login with the admin user in the Nagios server because there’s no user permission for admin.

when you installed Nagios on the Linux machine and trying to access the web interface using the admin then it will not allow you because there’s no permission for admin to access.

Now you have to add the following code in the Nagios configuration file.

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I have admin user here on Nagios Server, Now I will have to give permission to Admin to see hosts & services.  

cd /usr/local/nagios/etc

vim cgi.cfg

You will have to paste these lines, Change admin with your username of Nagios Server.


And save the file.

admin user nagios

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If you do not see these line use_authentication=1, so you have to also put these line in cgi.cfg file.

Now refresh the Nagios Server, You will be able to see Hosts & services.

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You’re done can not login nagios admin 

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