Different Ways of Finding Table Size In Mysql Server

There’re different ways of Finding Table Size in MySQL Server using the SQL queries. you can run a query to find table size using this method. you can also use queries to get the size of the table in the database of a particular table.

You can also check what’s the size of all tables in the database by executing the queries on the database. you can also set the limit size on the table in the database.

Different Ways of Finding Table Size In Mysql Server:

If you’re worried about your database to find the table size, So this 
can be possible using the SQL queries.

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I have already a database that I installed from MySQL dump data to test these queries.

Our Database name is employees and there are 6 tables.

Queries 1:

You can find size of all tables in all database using the below command.

Different Ways of Finding table size

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Queries 2:

You can check the table status of a database by below command.

show table status from employees;

Queries 3:

the below queries to find out the largest table in the database.

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If you want to check the table count on all the databases, So run the query which showed in a picture.

You’re done method to find table size

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