Windows Screen lock Automatically Using Group Policy

We can lock windows 10 computer screens automatically using the group policy in the server. when the machine is not in use for a few minutes and wants to lock in a few minutes.

Remember you can not apply these settings on user profile and only available for Computer.

Open group policy management and create a new policy.

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Right-click on group policynew → give it a name

Create a policy or make changes in the existing one. I have chosen that I created a Screen lock policy. 

Right-click on Screen lock policy -> choose edit – > then go to the below location as shown in the screenshot.

Computer Configuration -> Policies -> Windows Settings -> Security Settings -> Security Options 

windows screen lock automatically

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Now select the highlighted interactive logon and rightclick on it then choose properties.

Put the time here in seconds and apply. Now you have to update the policy on the client machine using the below command and apply this policy from group policy management on your OU.

gpupdate /force

The screen would lock after 630 seconds.

You’re done screen lock windows server automatically 10 policy group  computer

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