windows admin center

Install Windows Admin Center On Windows Server 2016/10

Windows admin center requires the PowerShell features which are not included by default on windows server 2016/ 20216 R2. So, we will have to...
safe mode

How To Boot Windows 10/7 Machine In Safe Mode

We can start the window 10/7 machine in the safe mode using the different methods. Let’s see, how to boot windows into the safe...
install Active Directory

How To Install Active Directory Server On Windows 2012/2016 R2

We can install Active Directory on windows server 2012/2016 R2. In a similar way, You can also setup and configure active directory on windows...

How to Open a Firewall Port In Windows Server 2012

We can easily open a port in windows firewall server 2012/2016. Let’s see, how to open a port in windows server 2012. Why do...
stop program in window

How To Force Quit Application Running on Windows 8/10

We can use the below solutions to close or quit the running program application in windows. We can also stop the program in windows...
windows update software

How To Update Windows Driver Using These Methods

We can update windows 10/7 driver software free using the tools or manually download them. With the below tools, we can update any driver...
fix printer spooler

How To Solve Printer Spooler Problem In Windows 10

When you face print stuck in the queue and you will have to restart the print spooler service in windows 10. Let’s see, how...
screenshot windows 10

Take Screenshot With Different Ways In Windows 10

Take Screenshot With Different Ways In Windows 10 We can take a screenshot in windows using the print screen button on windows. We also have...
Install New Microsoft Edge

Install New Microsoft Edge Browser Based on Chromium On Windows

Install New Microsoft Edge Browser Based on Chromium On Windows Microsoft has recently launched the new version of the Microsoft Edge browser based on chromium....
how to download and install sqlyog on windows 10

How To Install SQLyog 15 Version On Windows Machine

SQLYog is a GUI software to manage the MySQL server graphically. we can perform all the tasks like we do use the CLI mode...