how to create disk

How To Create Disk Partition From existing Disk In Windows 7

How to create Disk Partition is used to get the separate Drive where you can keep your data safe as your data will be...

How To View Wifi Security Password In Windows 7

How To View Wifi Security Password How to view Wifi known as wireless networking technology with devices based on IEEE 802.11. So, You do not...
microsoft framework install

Error Code 0x800c0005 Installation of net framework 4 in Windows

When you’re trying to install net framework 4 in windows. you might be getting this "Error Code 0x800c0005 Installation " code message this is...
remotely enable telnet from window

How To Enable Telnet Client Via Windows Features In Windows 7

how To Enable Telnet Client In Windows 7 How To Enable Telnet and port in the windows if you don’t found command and list. This...
computer name in windows

How To Check Hostname of a Windows Computer Using CMD

How to check hostname of a computer You can find how to check the hostname of your computer using the command in the windows machine....
Unassociate File Types

How To Delete Unassociated File Types in windows 7/10

How to delete Unassociated File Types in windows. Each file type has an extension to identify file type to open the file. you can...
Download ccleaner and install

How To Install CCleaner and Download in window 7

How to install CCleaner, you can download CCleaner free software and it clears cache, temp files in windows. This can remove all unwanted files,...
mount iso

How To Mount ISO Image Linux In Vmware Workstation

In This Article, You will see how to mount ISO/DVD image through Kernel Terminal in Linux. We can mount and connect the iso image...
large file cannot copy

Resolve File Is Too Large For Destination File System Pen Drive

Resolve File Is Too Large For Destination  Resolve file is too large to copy error for the destination, Many of us face this issue at...
item hidden windows

How To Hide Specific Items In Control Panel Or System In Windows

How to hide specific items in the panel or system  I will show you how to hide specific items or programs in the windows 10....