Download ccleaner and install

How To Install CCleaner and Download in window 7

How to install CCleaner, you can download CCleaner free software and it clears cache, temp files in windows. This can remove all unwanted files,...
Proxy configuration in IE

How To Configure Proxy Network Client In Windows 7

How to configure a Proxy server is a dedicated computer or software system running on a computer that can act as an intermediate between...
block application in windows

How To Block Users To Install The Applications In Windows

How to block users, Allowing them to install the application can be risky in a co-operate environment we do this for the purpose of...
give remote access to user

Allow Host Computer To Access Remotely In Windows

How to Allow host computer to remote desktop access in windows machine. You can also enable and remote desktop connection in windows. you can...
microsoft framework install

Error Code 0x800c0005 Installation of net framework 4 in Windows

When you’re trying to install net framework 4 in windows. you might be getting this "Error Code 0x800c0005 Installation " code message this is...
find extention in window 7

Set Your Default Program Editor For Application In Windows

You can make or set default program application in the windows 10. You do not need any other software for this task windows has...
window server admin

Set administrator Password in Window Server 2008 r2

Set Administrator Password in Window Server 2008 Set administrator password in Windows Server 2008 r2. that’s only available for 64-bit Operating System. you can change...
item hidden windows

How To Hide Specific Items In Control Panel Or System In Windows

How to hide specific items in the panel or system  I will show you how to hide specific items or programs in the windows 10....
program not responding

Windows Explorer Is not responding Stuck in windows

At first, you might be seen that Windows Explorer is not responding on your computer systems such as programs not responding or Program has...
static ip assign

How to assign manually or statically IP address to system in windows

The IP address helps to recognize the systems. That’s a unique 32bits address assign to the machine. I will show you how to assign...