window server admin

Set administrator Password in Window Server 2008 r2

Set Administrator Password in Window Server 2008 Set administrator password in Windows Server 2008 r2. that’s only available for 64-bit Operating System. you can change administrator windows server 2012 password before expired otherwise it will ask you on the next … Read more

program not responding

Windows Explorer Is not responding Stuck in windows

At first, you might be seen that Windows Explorer is not responding on your computer systems such as programs not responding or Program has stopped working message could be many and now try to troubleshoot. Internet Explorer not opening and … Read more

locally block website

How To Block Websites Without Any Software On The Computer

How to block websites without any software on the computer it’s pretty easy and tricky. No technical knowledge required to perform this task. You can block websites using the Hosts file and firewall in windows. You can easily do this … Read more

how to set password

How To Change or Set Administrator Password In Window

It’s pretty simple I’m going to show you how to do that, Right-click on the Computer icon and choose device manager. I will show you how to change or set the administrator. You can change windows, server, and administrator password. … Read more